There are thousands of poems and songs on beauty of women. Beauty is the magical look of a woman that mesmerize men. Women always liked to be beautiful and wonder men with their beauty. The famous poet John Keats says: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever; Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.” The mathematician like Pythagoras is not behind talking about beauty and put forward a connection between mathematics and beauty. According to him, those faces that were proportioned in accordance to the golden ratio were more beautiful and appealing than others. Symmetry has always been an important aspect while defining beauty. Symmetrical faces look more beautiful.

There are thousands beauty products for women from head to toe. Hair dressing is important part of women’s beauty. Hair nourishing shampoos, oils, dandruff removing shampoos, and various hair dressing equipments are widely used to take care of hair.

Women take especial care of their facial look. There are many facial creams to enhance glow of face. Marks removing creams and pimple treating creams are widely used to make face spotless. Scrubbing facial creams ex foliate the dead cells of the skin and helps you to regain fresh skin. Toning and moisturizing cream balances the oily complexion. Lipsticks, Eyeliners, Ear and Nose rings add extra beauty to women’s look.

Hands and Legs Care: After bath, massage your legs and hands with a lubricating cream. There are creams available to treat rough and coarse skin. You can apply cream at bed time and go to sleep with gloves on. To take care of your feet, take a tub full of warm water, add some bath salts and one teaspoon of olive oil. Soak in your feet for 15 minutes. Scrub the feet to remove ex-foliating skin. Finally wash your feet with cold water and dry your feet with a clean towel.

Finally, healthy and balanced diet is necessary to keep you in proper shape.

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the 1930s-1938 Marie-Claire
Beauty products
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